Down Interview

By Eric Mackinnon @TeamRockRadio

Down guitarist Kirk Windstein knows exactly what Donington Park and the Download Festival means to rock and metal fans – as he is one himself.

Taking TeamRock Radio through a mini guide of his body art Windstein revealed his love for the genre through tattoos of UFO, Saxon and Thin Lizzy among others.

And he revealed he has been a long time admirer of the festival in its former guises.

“All my favourite bands played here so I am aware of how important Download, and Castle Donington and Monsters of Rock is,” he grinned.

“I had an ACDC live at Donington DVD too which I loved so although I’m from the USA I’d grown up with the festival.”

Speaking on Down’s plan to continue releasing EP’s – with the promise of four in around two-years – Windstein added: “Our next EP is practically written and we will be getting it out ASAP.  But before then we have to play 12-shows in 12-countries starting today at Download.

“After that Phil (Anselmo) is doing some solo stuff so I’m taking a family holiday then we will get going again in September.”

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